Three People Get It

A Few Times Per Week

The good news: the wife laughed at it.  The bad news: she wasn't laughing at my punch line.

Nairb Ekceir (ekceirb) says:

Stand up is tough. You have to take your humorous story or observation and distill and condense it to only two or three lines. Then repeat the process in order to fill 10 minutes (or more).

Lucky you for getting permission for a GF, btw. Too bad you'll never find one as good as B, tho.<smile>

Brian Monroe (cryptoknight) says:

Doing an "open mic" is on my "fukkit list".  i don't have a "bucket list", but my "fukkit list" is stuff I want to do "soon".  I have been compiling ideas (like you said, short ones, not long drawn out stories).  Thankfully, this comic only *partially* reflects reality; Barbie wouldn't approve (and I wouldn't want) another female in my life.  Too much work  ;-)

Brian Monroe (cryptoknight) says:

In fact, compiline those ideas is what brought my strip to a standstill for awhile.  It's not easy for me thinking in both modes (comic and stand-up).  I missed the immediate gratification of having something for people to see, so here I am, back in the saddle.

Nairb Ekceir (ekceirb) says:

I'm glad to see it. I've been enjoying the strips.

Nairb Ekceir (ekceirb) says:

BTW, you'll have to share the elephant joke sometime. <Grin>

Brian Monroe (cryptoknight) says:

I guess that's the joke.  There is no "elephant joke".  My buddies and I would be talking, and when someone new entered the conversation one of us would throw out this line and everyone would laugh like it was part of a joke.  It was funny watching the new person laugh, too.

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