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A Few Times Per Week

Why are so many of these stolen from real life?  I mellowed it out a bit... I think Barb's comment would be more like "dafuk's wrong with you?"  (She said it would be "You are so wierd", but *I* am writing this strip, not her.)  Did I just backtrack and try to make it sound like this didn't actually happen?  Why, yes I did.

Nairb Ekceir (ekceirb) says:

That's the thing about short term memory. It's, um, hey, I notice the bedspread hasn't changed.

Brian Monroe (cryptoknight) says:

Sure it has; it doesn't have anyone under it.  It took e FIVE MINUTES to straighten that thing out...

Nairb Ekceir (ekceirb) says:

Ha! You're right. Well done. I didn't even notice, which means, of course, you did it perfectly.

Nairb Ekceir (ekceirb) says:

Ok. It's time to publish a new comic, and I'll give you three good reasons why...

1. Your comic makes me laugh.

2. Your talent needs to be shared with the planet. (3PGI is so much better than, say, Foolish Mortals on GoComics)

3. I'm beginning to get turned on by seeing you naked every day in panel two and it really disturbs me.

P.S. You and Barb should go as stick figures this Halloween! (Variation on a skeleton suit)

Nairb Ekceir (ekceirb) says:

Yay! You're back! You disappeared for a while

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