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May 29, 2004: CulturePulp takes the 24-hour comic-book challenge with "Perspective! for Comic Book Artists" author David Chelsea.

Endnotes and Digressions:

1. Grey-tones in this installment by Chad Essley.

2. For the sake of narrative tightness, we sort of ... lied when we called the 24-hour challenge “Chelsea’s dare”; said challenge was actually thrown down a while back, online, by comics guru Scott McCloud. (Mr. Chelsea just had the idea to make a party out of it.) You can read McCloud’s original “dare” online at

3. In addition to his excellent, autobiographical “David Chelsea in Love,” our host has also written “Perspective! for Comic Book Artists,” available now at your local art store.

4. CulturePulp’s own Chad Essley and Mike Russell both attended the challenge -- and stayed awake most (or, in Chad’s case, all) of the night — though neither seriously undertook a 24-page comic book. However, you can go directly to Russell's photo gallery of the evening by clicking here.)

You can also download a lovely, high-rez PDF of CulturePulp 004 right here: CulturePulp004.pdf

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