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July 3, 2004: CulturePulp samples the crowds at three different stages at Portland's Waterfront Blues Festival.

Endnotes and Digressions:

  Grey-tones for this installment by Chad Essley.

2.  Here’s a "chicken and the egg" question re: why, precisely, the zydeco-stage crowd was so much more dance-happy than the others. Were people dancing because someone laid out a checkered dance floor to the side of the Front Porch Stage -- or did the funky music necessitate the dance floor? Would a checkered floor placed on one of the blues-explosion stages have inspired sexy dancing, or would it simply have biker dudes standing on it, fists raised, yelling "Wooo!"?

3. Confession: I may have combined crowd-member "types" from the Miller and Credit Union Blues stages -- both featured wicked-sweet, jam-happy, blues-explosion types of bands, with crowds to match. I'd apologize for the legerdemain, but frankly these are gross cartoon generalizations already, and I'd pretty much left out any bland ol' white person who didn't fill my developing thesis as it is. My drawings, like all cartoons, are pretty much lies, plain and simple -- despite shooting extensive digital photo reference; despite the hinting, through caricature, at a deeper truth; despite my attempts at using this medium to do a sort of "journalism." Sorry.

4. Shall we take another look at Rosie Ledet, quite possibly the sexiest woman ever to wield an accordion?

 Rose Ledet

You can download a lovely, high-rez PDF of CulturePulp 007 right here: CulturePulp007.pdf 

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