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Late Summer 2004: CulturePulp collaborates on a "Fun Fall Activities" guide with The Famous Mysterious Actor.

Endnotes and Digressions:

1. Grey-tones for this installment by Chad Essley.

2. A handful of other recommended events [circa September 2004]:

(a) Local kook-music fixture and craft artist Cybele turns 40 this year — so she’s hosting an “Arty Party” Oct. 16, 2004! Visit for details!

(b) Mosh away! The Cramps play the Roseland Nov. 3, 2004!

(c) Stalk the Portland Jugglers! Bring chain saws!

(d) Go see Storm Large (and the Balls!) next time they play the Portland Spirit!

(d) Buy "Star Wars" and "Arrested Development" on DVD! Buy sweets at Pix Patisserie!

(e) Local broadcasters: Offer The Famous Mysterious Actor a late-night local TV gig! He'll bring pie!

3. Thanks to Marty Hughley, Shawn Vitt, Grant Butler, Shawn Levy, periodic CulturePulp guest star S.W. “Conch” Conser and Rosemarie Stein for some invaluable guidance in assembling this, um, highly scientific list.

4. Direct links to the Web sites referenced in the above comic: Mondo Croquet, PDX Polka, Plumper Pumpkins, The Edsel Club Caravan, a Northwest sci-fi convention schedule, the official Queensryche site, and, last but not least, Gartner's Country Meats.

Famous intrudes.

You can download a high-rez PDF of CulturePulp 010 right here: CulturePulp10.pdf

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