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"Deleted" scenes from 2004 that never actually made it into CulturePulp comics (until now).

Endnotes and Digressions:

1. One of these things didn't actually happen.

2. Grey-tones (and that "flashback" effect in panel 5) by Adrian Wallace.

3. Did you miss any of the original comics this strip references? God, who didn't? Feel free to use the navigation buttons below this strip to scroll through CulturePulp's fumbling first year. There will not be a test later.

4. Before commiting 2004 to the repressed-memory vault and limping to the pub, I must raise a mug to the loose band of individuals who constitute “Team CulturePulp”: Oregonian writer/editor Grant Butler and shading artist Chad Essley (and his subs, Chris Hanel and Adrian Wallace) -- plus my wife and stepdaughter, who’ve been remarkably sanguine about being rendered as caricatures lacking proper noses, fingers or feet. Viva 2005!

Lettering too small? Download a high-rez PDF of CulturePulp 19 right here: CulturePulp19a.pdf

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