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CulturePulp remembers the last evening he spent with the legendary Boy Scout, photographer, and musical-saw impressario Allan deLay.

Endnotes and Digressions:

Grey-tones for this installment by Chad Essley.

2. Allan did play on occasion with his son — local blues-harp legend Paul deLay.

3. Courtesy of the Clackamas Review, here’s the (slightly edited) text of that interview I conducted with Allan in 1995. (It originally saw print on Jan. 4, 1996.)

4. Also, here's a lovely online tribute to Allan by Keith Graham (who let me borrow his photo to close out this comic).

5. Want to see some of Allan's photojournalism? Here's a gallery of his shots of a handful of jazz legends -- including Count Basie, Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald.

6. I actually did write (in college) a Shakespearean sonnet titled "Bugs In My Sink," which I actually did read at Jos' party. For posterity's sake, it's reproduced below. Apologies in advance.


'Tis hot, a summer night, insects my sink
Do populate. In heat and dark they flew
To cool, bright water, trapped now, wayward ink
In heavy drops. One wretch, desperate, drew
A picture ripple in a puddle, leg
Writhed off for art's sake. Turn of knob, and SWISH!
He's gone. Another raised a wing to beg
With angry facets. Turn of knob, his wish
Is lapped away and down. Two rub'ry mates
In tandem rise. But turn of knob, and woe:
The congregation is divided, hates
And loves are extradited in the Flow.
Perhaps I'd feel their anger, art, and tug
If factions all unite in one huge Bug.

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