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Endnotes and Digressions:

The X-Men, Wolverine and Magneto are all © Marvel Comics (and probably 20th Century Fox, as well).

2. Inks for this installment by Bill Mudron; gray-tones by Chad Essley.

3. So how was the movie? Well, you can read my Oregonian review right here. (To my great surprise, I mostly enjoyed it. i was apparently in the minority on that count.)

4. Would you like to know more? Go read Wikipedia's full entries on the "Dark Phoenix" saga and Joss Whedon's "Astonishing X-Men."

5. Want to read a really outstanding fan comic in which Wolverine eats breakfast, has girl problems and fights zombies? Check out "Wolverine: Dying Time" by the great alternative cartoonist Jeffrey Brown. (I'd pay good money for a hard copy of this.)

6. Oh, and this comic has online bonus features! Careful readers may know this comic also appears in print in A&E, The Oregonian's weekly arts tab. Well, on a whim, Bill Mudron and I cooked up some full-color A&E covers teasing the strip. Four of them, actually.

Unfortunately, we cooked them up one day before A&E went to press. Which meant there wasn't a chance in hell they could be considered for print. (Again, whims may have been involved.)

And so, instead, we present them for your enjoyment below -- in high-resolution and as wallpapers and icons. (Thanks for those, Bill.) Do with them what you will.


Cover Idea 1: [ hi-rez ] [ 1280x960 wallpaper ]

Cover Idea 2: [ hi-rez ] [ 1280x960 wallpaper ]

Cover Idea 3: [ hi-rez ] [ 1280x960 wallpaper ]

Cover Idea 4: [ hi-rez ] [ 1280x960 wallpaper ]

And here are a few icon/avatar thingamajigs:


Lettering too small? You can download a high-rez PDF of CulturePulp 52 right here: CulturePulp52.pdf

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