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June 15, 2006: CulturePulp talks with director Richard Linklater about Philip K. Dick and "A Scanner Darkly."

Endnotes & Digressions:

Colors and some inks for this installment by Bill Mudron.

2. This comic strip was condensed (more like vacuum-packed) from a 45-minute phone interview with Mr. Linklater, conducted June 15. Want to read the whole 4,500-word transcript -- which goes into more detail about everything, and contains a pretty funny rant about the abuse of “director’s cuts” as marketing tools? You can find it right here.

3. Links to a couple of goodies referenced in the strip: Here's that audio file of Dick reading a passage from "Scanner"; and here's a link to an online version of Robert Crumb's amazing comic, "The Religious Experience of Philip K. Dick."

4. Would you like to know more? The late author’s official Web site is The movie’s official Web site is And you can watch the first 24 minutes of the movie online right here.

Lettering too small? You can download a high-rez PDF of CulturePulp 54 right here: LinklaterComicCOLOR.pdf

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