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CulturePulp learns the reality-bending tricks of radio from KUFO DJs "Cort and Fatboy."

Endnotes & Digressions:

1. Inking assist for this installment by Bill Mudron; grey-tones by Chad Essley

2. You can listen to Cort and Fatboy weekdays on Portland’s KUFO (101.1 FM). You can also listen to podcasts of their shows at

(Yr. cartoonist is usually on-air Fridays, reviewing movies.)


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Zanny W. (mysticalchicken) says:

Very interesting.  KUFO's music is too hard for me, so I never listen to it (I prefer 94.7), but I'm assuming that it's like that for most radio stations.

(I think Cort used to be on the station I listened to in highschool.  107.5, in the mornings, wayyy back in 1997 or '98.) 

caleb phillips (calebism) says:

Thanks for the insight into the C&FB show-- your respect for their skillz leads me to respect your skill even more than I would otherwise.

Heard you on Rick's show, too--

exiled on pain street

caleb in floriduh 

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