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July 21, 2007: CulturePulp classifies the attendees at the magick-packed 2007 Faerieworlds Festival.

Endnotes & Digressions:

1. People I did not see at Faerieworlds (distinguishing this “Land of Faerie” event from other fantasy gatherings): barbarians; brutes; jousters; mead-swilling letches; and armor-wearing guys with mullets swordfighting for points with tape-mummified “swords.”

Faerieworlds feels more like a laid-back hippie masquerade, basically.

2. Would you like to know more? You can visit the event’s official Web site at




Lettering too small? You can download a high-rez PDF of this comic (which restores the opening panels' original widescreen layout) right here: CulturePulp64.pdf 

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