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Oct. 3, 2007: CulturePulp interviews Jerry Seinfeld at the "Bee Movie" junket. The experience is mortifying on several levels.

Endnotes & Digressions:

1. Grey-tones for this installment by Chad Essley.

2. This comic has online bonus features! Want to read my interviews with Jerry Seinfeld and “Bee Movie” directors Steve Hickner and Simon J. Smith, combined into a single long Q&A? Click here!

3. We only saw selected clips from “Bee Movie” during the junket; they were slick and funny, but I couldn’t tell you
how the larger film plays. My boss Shawn Levy reviewed it in the Friday, Nov. 2 Oregonian.


Lettering too small? You can download a high-rez PDF of CulturePulp 67 right here: CulturePulp67.pdf 

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