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Those dudes with mullets swinging foam swords in the park? Total wusses! CulturePulp hangs out with the Orygun Cowboys, who role-play Old West-style -- with live ammo.

Endnotes & Digressions:

1. The Orygun Cowboys hold two matches a month, plus regular orientation sessions to teach rules, techniques and safety protocols. You can learn more about the club at

You can learn more about the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) and the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting at

2. Loden B. Kwik is one of the fastest Cowboy Action Shooters on the planet, by the way: He placed 7th at the 2005 SASS World Championships.  Here's some video of Loden in action at the Western Three-Gun West Coast Championships.

3. If you’re curious, Loden’s firearms include older Ruger Blackhawks modified to look like Colts and a replica 1866 Winchester.

Lettering too small? You can download a high-rez PDF of this comic right here: CulturePulp75.pdf
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