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Chris Wisnia has been self-publishing comics since 2004, beginning with his anthology of tabloid tales, "Tabloia Weekly Magazine."  In his series "Doris Danger," he has drawn Kirby-style giant monsters, inked by Dick Ayers, and included pin-ups by Mike Mignola, Mike Allred, Ryan Sook, Bill Sienkiewicz, Los Bros Hernandez, Tony Millionaire, Dave Gibbons, JH Williams III, and others.  His Dr. DeBunko series gained him notice by the Skeptic Society, and its publisher and best-selling author, Michael Shermer, said it's the coolest thing for skepticism since Lisa Simpson read Jr. Skeptic Magazine when Homer had his abduction experiences.  Chris's diary of self-publishing experiences, "Diary of a Struggling Comics Artist," is recommended reading by the Xeric Grant, for anyone who's considering getting into comics.

Chris's website is, where he posts tons of fun stuff, and sells all his books and merchandise.