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WEEKLY CONTEST!  Can you name this week's masked vigilante?  Using the clues provided, such as logos, weapons of choice, skill descriptions, or colors and costumes, you may win a weekly convention sketch!  Go to, and click "Spider Twins Companion," right away for the official rules!

The Spider Twins Companion

Mondays, Tuesdays, and (most important) Thursdays!

UH OH, fans!  This is the FINAL WEEK of the weekly contest, with A FREE WEEKLY PRIZE! 

HOWEVER...The Spider Twins are now a periodic feature at "Tabloia Weekly Magazine: The Web Comic!"  Check it out HERE!   Or go to the official website, WWW.TABLOIA.COM!

WOW, fans, SPIDER TWINS MINI-COMICS are now available at TABLOIA.COM! Click on "MERCHANDISE" to see what you can't live without!

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