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Marcus is a single guy in his late 20's who still lives at home with his parents and his cat, Amadeus. Although he is quite inept at dating, he met Cathy on a blind date, and that's when the fun started. ... more
Marcus met Cathy on a blind date. They've been seeing each other ever since. She thinks Marcus is sweet, and hopelessly romantic, or romantically hopeless, or something like that. ... more
Brooke is Cathy's room-mate, and a nosy one at that. She thinks Cathy should dump Marcus and look for someone tall, dark and hunky. I think she's just jealous, or maybe she wants a piece of Marcus for herself. ... more
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Dave Fackrell is a freelance artist born and raised in small town Idaho. He holds two art degrees and hopes to earn a masters one day. Being a comic artist is a childhood dream that started in elementary school with his first cartoon creation, a comic abou ... full profile