Tales of Adventure!

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Ange is the landlady of the local pub, the Rose and Crown ... more
Lucy is a newcomer to the area. She is great at riding the BMX. ... more
Ron is the hero. He has a thing about Lucy. ... more
Master Lobo
Master Lobo is a martial-arts master. He is Ron's sensei. He lives in a lock-up garage behind the Rose and Crown. ... more
the Uberbaddie
This guy's the main baddie. He needs a proper name, but I can't think of one yet. ... more
Crazy Baldy Man
He's crazy. He's bald. He probably comes from London or something. ... more
The Silver Samurai
Arrgh! His armour it is so shiny I cannot bear to look at him! ... more
The ninjas are the Uberbaddie's henchmen. Don't judge them - it's hard to get steady work. ... more
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