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More Comics

The following comics by Alexander Danner can all be found on external websites.

Whispered Apologies Guest Strips
Whispered Apologies is a webcomics collaboration experiment run by Ryan North. Artists submit complete artwork, which participating writers then create scripts for. Below is are links to my contributions. Please visit the official Whispered Apologies site for the full comics.

The Stars are Falling Again, Like Incandescent Snowflakes
With artwork by Shannon Callandrillo
Please Forgive Me, Little Clownfish
With artwork by TK Longmire
Dear Roger
With artwork by Alison Fujii
Dear Roger

Farmer Brown
Wirth artwork by Oyvind Thorsby
Farmer Brown

I'm Going to Name Her Natalie
With artwork by Zach Hazard
My Happiness
With artwork by Rico Schacherl
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