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No Longer Updating
Panel One

Panel One is a self-aware comic strip panel. Trouble is, he's a panel without a story to tell. Function without form, narration without narrative. As the strip's narrator, he also has the unfortunate habit of speaking of himself in the third person. Which is doubly unfortunate since all he talks about is himself. To be fair, he hasn't really got anything else going on anyway, living in involuntary solitude as he does.

He dreams of someday housing an all-ages comic strip, and so has very low tolerance for naughty language.

He has demonstrated the ability to stretch his borders to accomodate larger images, though this has the unfortunate side-effect of leaving his borders temporarily saggy. He also has the odd ability to access information on his author's computer, due to certain incoherent logical maneuvers. Back to the Cast Page

Font and speech balloons courtesy of Blambot Comic Fonts and Lettering.

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