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The Alphabet (Phoebe)

1. The letters of a language, arranged in the order fixed by custom.
2. A system of characters or symbols representing sounds or things.
(American Heritage Dictionary)

Specifically, the Roman Alphabet, as used within the English language. Except sentient. And female. And somewhat polymorphic, being comprised of discrete, free-floating letters.

She generally goes by the diminutive, "Phoebe," and has been seen to be distractable and easily bored. She has a rather high opinion of herself, considering herself "the root of language." When her worth is questioned, she sometimes loses her temper--she once responded to insults from Caption by confiscating all of Captions Es, leaving her with a bad speech impediment. Back to the Cast Page

Font and speech balloons courtesy of Blambot Comic Fonts and Lettering.

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