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Updates as the mood strikes. Mostly Mondays.

I had this dream in a hotel in Springfield, MA. The next day, I began reading a collection of poetry by James Tate.  One of the poems I read, "The Greater Battle" tells of a man who goes to an aquarium in Springfield (no particular state), where a shark takes a great dislike to the man, and begins trying to break through the wall of his tank to reach him. An attendant compels the man to leave: "That shark seems to know you./ It seems to harbor some feelings for you, and I/ think it would be best for all if you'd just/ leave."

I couldn't help thinking that my own dream clearly revealed the past-life backstory to the poem, unbeknownst to Mr. Tate.  To read that poem so soon after having that dream, and in a town by the same name no less, was one of those wonderful coincidences that, in my youth, I'd have found uncanny.

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