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Miyumi San
Miyumi San's goal in life is to not end up a stereotype. ... more
Hakata Soy
Hakata is the"new kid" in class and has a mysterious past. He is finding it hard to adapt to daily school life after growing up on a giant robot-- which saved the galaxy from villains like the Gotcha Birds. But some speculate that Hakata became a hero to ... more
Doug Hiro
Doug Hiro is an eccentric loner who likes to love by his own rules. When he wears his little crown he becomes the "Ruler of Outer Space". ... more
Maribelle Mellonbelly
The self-proclaimed richest and most popular girl in all of Astronaut Elementary. Maribelle considers herself arch-rivals with Miyumi San, especially when it comes to new boys who are mysterious like Hakata Soy. Maribelle prides herself is not being as ... more
Scab Wellington
Maribelle's best (and only) friend. Scab is extremely loyal and protective of her friendship and will attack anyone who threatens it. She has major anger issues to work out and has been known to pull on people's hair and poke them with a plastic fork. ... more
. A robot exchange student who unbeknownst to the student population has been sent by the evil Gotcha Birds to destroy Hakata Soy. Cybert is extremely powerful and was programmed to be evil but keeps getting distracted by things like school lunches and ... more
Team Feety Pajamas
Two kids named Monique and Martin along with their teddy bear mascot, Tomcat. They are trying to create rumors about themselves to build up their image. They hope to convince everyone that they are really evil. But most people just roll their eyes at ... more
Calico Hopps
One of the handful of students who descend from Hoppiton, a planet inhabited my rabbits. Calico is extremely proud of her heritage and is the founding member of the school's "bunny pride" movement. She also has the inside scoop on why rabbits make the ... more
Tak Offsky
The MVP for the school Fireball team (the Chibi Sesame Seeds), and bunkmate of Hakata Soy. Tak thinks he and Hakata have nothing in common because he doesn't want to take the time to learn anything about him. He's also scared that Hakata might steal his ... more
Thalia Thistle
She would be the MVP player is she didn?t hate Anagrams. She's rough and tough on the Fireball field, but extremely sweet and sensitive when it comes to "sissy stuff" like kittens and sappy movies. She doesn't want to admit it but she does find the new ... more
Billy Lee
With his huge pompadour and disco-style clothes, Billy thinks he is the ?hot stuff." Billy is obsessed with Miyumi because he can?t understand how she can resist his animal magnetism. ... more
Spike Johanson
Spike's motto is "I like what I like". And that includes, Synth Pop music, puffy stickers, vintage fashions and cute boys. ... more
Malliik Mehendale
Maliik is a team member for the school Fireball team. He's been sitting behind Sabrina Spitaro all year and has become obsessed with the back of her head. ... more
Mr. Namagucci
The schools science teacher who may or may not be a magical elf. ... more
Ms. Bunn
The school's only rabbit schoolteacher is also one of the oldest faculty members. She likes to consider herself a no-nonsense disciplinarian but she's usually the first one out the door during recess. She loves playing hopscotch and betting on which st ... more
Senor Panda
The universe's only Spanish teacher who happens to be a Panda. Pandas have been going extinct forever, but a few still remain of this once noble race. Many of the students suspect that he really isn?t a very good Spanish teacher. ... more
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