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Hakata Soy

Recently transferred to Astronaut Elementary, Hakata is the silent brooding type. He is finding it hard to adapt to daily school life after growing up on a giant robot-- which saved the galaxy from villains like the Gotcha Birds. But some speculate that Hakata became a hero to cover up some past events where he used to be a jerk!

Years ago Hakata Soy moved across the street from Rick (of the Gotcha Birds). Hakata's family traveled a lot back then. His dad had died in a space war and Hakata had a hard time coming to grips with his loss. He used to take his anger out on other kids and even once beat up Rick who was several years older then him! It was the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to "Rick and he's hated Hakata Soy ever since. Hakata's family moved away, but Rick has dedicated his life to tracking him down and causing him grief wherever he goes!

Hakata has spent years trying to run away from his past. He's ashamed of how badly he acted around people and is afraid that people would never forgive him if they knew what a jerk he used to be. Trying to make up for the past, Hakata has followed in his parent's footsteps and at age 6 became one of the youngest star fighter pilots the world has ever seen. Networking on several Hero related message boards, Hakata soon became friends with other like-minded youths and formed a club called the Meta Team. They included his best friend Gadget Thompson, Tub Uwerks, and his first crush, Princess Boots. They were an amazing group and won lots of awards and acclaim. But they also attracted the attention of the Gotcha Birds and inspired them to become the Meta Teams Arch-rivals. Back to the Cast Page
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