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Hakata and Doug by Craig Ardt
by Craig Arndt

Rosemary paints Miyumi
by Rosemary Travale

Calico Hopps as Space Bunny
by David Davis

Cybert says Hi
by David Reddick

Gadget Thompson and Gotcha Bird by Josh Rosen
by Josh Rosen

Team Feety PJs by Josh Rosen
by Josh Rosen

Team Feety Pajamas
by Benjamin Birdie

Thalia Thistle by Steve Stamatiadis
by Steve Stamatiadis

AE Kids by Adrian Ramos
by Adis!

Miyumi and the PRKL-1 Racer
by Aimee Smith

Pinata lessons with Senor Panda and Miyumi
by Edward J Grug III

Cybert questions physics
by Dean Trippe

Miyumi floats past her bedtime
by Jamie Dee Galey

Thalia Thistle and Jax Epoch
by Zack Giallongo

Doug Hiro Birthday Greeting
by Raina Telgemeier

Thalia and the Random Cat of Urban Legend
by Rana Raeuchle

Dough Hiro Videogame Screen
by Miguel Sternberg

Miyumi Clay Sculpture
by Erin Houlihan

Miyumi fondles a pumpkin
by Raina Telgemeier
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Dave Roman is the co-creator of the Harvey Award nominated series Jax Epoch & The Quicken Forbidden (AiT/PlanetLar), and the Ignatz award winning, Teen Boat (Cryptic Press) both with artist John Green. He is also the creator of Agnes Quill and works for N ... full profile