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Princess Boots ended up looking like Princess Zelda in that flashback.
...of the FALL SEMESTER anyway!
Thanks to everyone who has read through the series so far. In 2009 I'll be serializing the NEXT Chapter which will focus on adventures during Winter Break and Spring Semster. There will be lots of new characters, settings, conflicts and heart break! Hope to see you then!

In the mean time I've been reworking some of the older pages and adding some new scenes scattered throughout! Check my livejournal for updates!
This is an official flyer for the big rock show on The Original Moon that's happening the first wekend of winter break. You'll hear all about it when the kids get back to school and write their reports.
And you guys already know Gordy, right?

UPDATE: The next chapter of Astronaut Elementary will start debuting pages sometime in early November! But there should be some fun stuff along the way like guest strips and a completely revised first chapter!! Hope you'll check back soon!

I'll be at Small Press Expo in Maryland this October, debuting some new mini comics. Cheers!
scott roberts (scottartist) says: Keep going, and soon we'll have Winsor McKay type layouts!It does convey a nice sense of alone-ness. You can almost hear the echo as they talk.
scott roberts (scottartist) says: I really appreciate that they take to the trouble to state how many students will fit in the Danger Room. If I had a child at this school, would my mind ever be at ease! ;)
Cameron Nielsen (cameroncn) says: So why have all the kids been wearing costumes for the epilogues? Is it something I missed?
Dave Roman (daveroman) says: The costumes are carry over from the Universal Holiday Party (which combines everything from Valentines Day to Halloween)
Carl Johnson (earthboundkid) says:

The  Japanese lettering for the Hakata Soy title isn't quite right. You can write Hakata as either はかた or ハカタ. As it is now, it looks like you have 八方た or something, which isn't quite right.

scott roberts (scottartist) says: Love the ship with sneakers!
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