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Updating again in 2009
Mr. Lorik

. J. Epoch, an expert on inter-dimensional studies who has acted as a freelance agent for the Data Analysis Keep, wrote a brief description on her findings regarding this unique entity:

?The Lorik exists in several realms of existence simultaneously through separate bodies. I don?t know how or why. I first met a man who called himself Thomas Lorik, and then watched him die in front of me. Not too long after, I discovered that he was very much alive. But he was not the same man . . . and he did not originate from the same place. When I confused him for my friend, he explained that he was ?connected,? but separate at the same time. He claimed to be conscious of many other pieces of himself spread out through different worlds. It creeped me out so I stopped asking him questions.? Back to the Cast Page

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Dave Roman is the co-creator of the Harvey Award nominated series Jax Epoch & The Quicken Forbidden (AiT/PlanetLar), and the Ignatz award winning, Teen Boat (Cryptic Press) both with artist John Green. He is also the creator of Agnes Quill and works for N ... full profile