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Agnes Quill: An Anthology of Mystery is now available in book form from SLG Publishing!

Updating again in 2009

Agnes by Elbery Or
by Elbert Or

Agnes by Jeremy Arambulo
by Jeremy Arambulo

Agnes by Jordyn Bochon
by Jordyn F. Bochon

Agnes in Rain by Carly Monardo
by Carly Monardo

Chibi Agnes by Stephanie Yue
by Stephanie Yue

Agnes comic by Charles Pechonick
by Charles Raymond

Agnes and Harland by Jen Wang
by Jen Wang

Neil Babra
by Neil Babra

Joe Cooper
by Joe Cooper

Agnes movie poster by John Green
by John Green

Agnes waits for trouble by Miss Lasko Gross
by Miss Lasko Gross

Agnes and Beatrice by Jeff Zornow
by Jeff Zornow
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Dave Roman is the co-creator of the Harvey Award nominated series Jax Epoch & The Quicken Forbidden (AiT/PlanetLar), and the Ignatz award winning, Teen Boat (Cryptic Press) both with artist John Green. He is also the creator of Agnes Quill and works for N ... full profile