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Tis the Season
This is the artwork I did for the Harry and the Potters Christmas CD
So in the spirit of the "holiday" I've posted an extensive preview for the Harry and the Potters Christmas CD that my artwork is all over. They basically let me go nuts. It was crazy fun and a dream gig as it combined my love of Harry Potter, Christmas, rock music, and package design. So yeah, I'm excited and can't wait to get my comp copies (and finally listen to all the songs!)

The charming records logo actually appears on the final file (where currently there is a doodle for FPO)

-This is the art that will appear in the inside tray. I tried to represent elements from the songs and bands that will be on the compilation. But since I had no idea what Stubby Boardman looks like I just put a nod to the song "Wizard Chess" cuz it's about Christmas and I like it! The Sock Puppets are for Cousin Wizardface because they are an alias for the band Uncle Monsteface which uses sock puppets in their live shows (awesome). I made Dumbledore a sort of Jerry Garcia type before I knew the name of his song. Now I'm regretting I didn't put him in front of some DJ equipment!

John Green's name also appears on the final credits page because he was a HUGE help and converted all my files to illustrator and recreated the CD art as vectors. Thanks again John!

This what the CD itself will look like. Except instead of white, the lightening bolts will be die-cut so the silver of the CD shines through (an element I really liked on HaTP's first CD and decided to use here)
--So yeah, that's all the art. The CD should be availble off the Harry and the Potters website and at their live shows in December (including the Yule Ball in Boston!)
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