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The Voyages Of The WindBird

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No page today! Sorry about that.

I've decided to put Winbird on hiatus. Basically, I'm trying to get some art samples together for the Birmingham comic con (Oct 4th & 5th), in the hopes of trying to get some paying work. I don't know how great an idea that is, but I'm hoping it's worth a try. Anyway, that's kind of taking up all my not-at-work time at the moment, and what I really don't want is for Winbird to suffer because I'm rushing it at the last minute.

So I'm taking the next two weeks off from The Voyages Of The Winbird. Which feels kind of insane, considering it's the second time I've done this, and we're only up to page ten... but there you go.

It'll be back on Thursday the 9th of October, on a regular Monday/Thursday schedule, hopefully right through to the end. Untill then, thank you all for your patience and understanding.

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