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Weekly, for twelve weeks from the beginning of the school term
As a special project for the Spring term, I'm attempting to draw Jim and Lan in the styles of popular comic artists. This first attempt is a reference to the ol' Peanuts schtick between Charlie Brown, Lucy, and a football. Hope you like!
This week's possibly-exciting comic is a tribute to the writer and artist of Penny Arcade, Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins. Imprint people, including myself, went to Anime North last weekend, and I saw this con as a perfect opportunity to play with both the writing and artistry of PA. I may have failed miserably, but I tried!
While my personal favourite comics from him happen to be "The Dark Knight Returns" and "300," many know Frank Miller for his neo-noir masterpiece "Sin City." I will admit that I haven't read it and that I had trouble enjoying the film after the first watch — and haven't given it a second chance yet — but I do enjoy the artwork he does, sometimes with Lynn Varley: gritty, loose designs with harsh contrasts and colours.
My first flavours of indie comics, other than webcomics, came from three specific comic artists (in a general sense): Craig Thompson with Blankets, Kazu Kibuishi with his Flight anthologies, and Bryan Lee O'Malley with Lost at Sea, which I read less than half a year before Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life. This week, I decided to tribute the latter of the three mostly because the Scott Pilgrim series are the more recent of indie comics I've been reading. Well, that and because his artwork is the easiest for me to draw.
The first webcomic I ever started reading was Megatokyo by Fred Gallagher, back in about 2001. Since then, I've continued to follow along with the comic, still appreciating it for what it is: life, love and fanaticism in Japan through the eyes of two Americans. While it may not be my most favourite of webcomics, it still has a place in my heart. I'm proud to own an Ironcat production of "Volume Zero" signed by both Gallagher and his then fiancée (now wife), Sarah. Getting that was awesome!
That marks the end of the "TRIBUTES" series and the end of Impression for this term. This was a fun project, and I hope that from it, it gave you a nice idea about where I get my inspirations from. Until then, Impression will be back in September!

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