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Author and artist for The Desert Peach and Stinz, now continuing at under Historical Fiction -- AFTERDEAD! 

LOADS of Peer respect:

"If Ronald Firbank and Joseph Heller scripted, Frank Pape penciled and Aubrey Beardsley inked a comic, the result would be Donna Barr’s ‘The Desert Peach'." -- Paul DiFilippo, Washington Post Book World

"Dear Temptress: Oh, sure, like your invitation to do a page of Desert Peach isn’t one straight from Hell. You know I take works of art seriously, and yours are as complicated, hair-breadth, razor-edge, Eifel-high, lunatic-fringe, balancing-act, tragi-comic, real-surreal, historical-fantastical, romantic-polemic, Katzenjammer as any ever undertaken." -- Daniel Pinkwater, Slaves of Spiegel     

"The woman could draw on a shovel with a rock." -- Chuck Melville, MU Press/Aeon

"The Desert Peach is one of the most enjoyable comics to come down the pike in recent years. The stories, like the Peach himself, are tempered with a sense of humanity...The Peach is a great character, not simply because of his dashing good looks and politeness, but also because he is a fully dimensional, well-rounded character. The stories are funny and touching." --- Mike Kazaleh, Inker, Ren And Stimpy     

"This is one of the few comics I eagerly look forward to. There’s so much going on, I can read ‘em over and over and still get something new from ‘em! On this little stage set in North Africa around l940 are played out some of the most intricately-crafted comedy-dramas this medium has to offer." -- Roberta Gregory,Artistic Licentiousness, Winging It, Naughty Bits.     

"Your work moves me like no one else’s. It always rings so emotionally true, it’s so deeply and honestly sentimental -- which I use in the best sense of the word... I mean ‘sentimental’ in that it reminds us that we feel and that others do as well, and that these feelings are a vital and valid as any other part of our existence... My God, I never knew comics could hit you like this!" John MacLeod, Dishman.     

"This book is heart-warmingly individual, funny, irreverent and quite simply brilliant in its concept and execution. I can’t praise it enough for its constant breaking-down of stereotypes." -- Paul Birch, Comics International.     
"Herr Peach has been called one of the best gay characters in comics; for me, he is one of the best characters period, a pleasant, intelligent individual with many admirable qualities, not the least of which are personal bravery and deep loyalty to his brother and his men." D. Aviva Rothschild, The Graphic Novel, a Critical Guide to the Book-Length Comic-Book.     

"What is Donna Barr thinking? Had she made the 469th a good ol’ American unit, and had its commander been not a homosexual, but another sort of funny colonel, what then? Why do they have to be the bad guys? And why does she have to make them so human? Why does she make us like them? It’s the difference between Beetle Bailey and Art (Beetle Bailey being the former, and The Desert Peach the latter)." -- Daniel Pinkwater, Chicago Days, Hoboken Nights.     

"Donna Barr shows herself to be one of the heralds of the forthcoming age -- doing her comic book in such a way as to satisfy her own insight, awareness and inspiration." -- Dave Sim, Cerebus.

"What we have seen so far is enough to assure us that good taste and decorum will be at least attempted, that... Donna Barr will continue to show us events, through an arrangement of mirrors so elaborate that we can never know for sure at whom we are looking, never be sure at whom we are pointing when we say Ecce homo! - Daniel Pinkwater, National Public Radio, Young Adult Novel.     

"That’s the haken crux, (that) each character in Pfirsich Rommel’s battalion is just a soldier in the field; he might be a dog-face, fed, reb, tommy, poilu -- he happens to be a kraut. These guys are not political, nor even particularly patriotic -- they’re regular bewildered zchlubs, trying to survive in a situation nobody would choose." -- Daniel Pinkwater, Young Adult Novel.     

"Donna Barr's flawless knowledge of military protocol, the historical setting around both of the 'great' wars, German culture, and (strangely enough) her profound insight into the soul of men (no matter how hard 'we' as men try to deny its existence) really make 'The Desert Peach' true masterpieces of the medium." ---- Chris Staros, The Staros Report.

"Now I know why Donna Barr is a maniac -- there’s a lot going on ‘twix her ears! Comics like hers are so ahead of their time -- the price you pay for truth and originality.... I think I’m going to start bragging to my friends that I kinda know the person who draws ‘The Desert Peach!!!’ " -- Mary Fleener, Fleener!     

"Donna Barr has the focus and energy and most of all, the artistic gift, to be able to turn her stories into a visually believable universe, from North Africa to the Geiselthal, to realms I’m not so sure I’d want to visit!" ----- Roberta Gregory, Winging It, Artistic Licentiousness.     

"Here’s history and politics, plus dissection of the military mindset based on firsthand experience... AND, of course there’s the whole HOMOPHOBIA thing...prejudice...cultures in collision...sexuality... and characters that reveal all the intricacies and conflicts that human nature has to offer." -- Roberta Gregory, Winging It, Naughty Bits.
"I love you! You have a bad attitude!" -- Howard Chaykin, Comics Veteran

"What -- What -- what makes you write things like this?" -- R. Crumb, Mr. Natural

"Donna Barr has achieved a large cult following, and "The Desert Peach" should soon join the ranks of books like "Cerebus" and "Yummy Fur," books that became first-rank sensations on the strength of word-of-mouth alone. It certainly warrants it. Do yourself a favor and get on the bandwagon now." -- Robert Rodi, The Comics Journal