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This week I bring you a pin-up created by Jacob Warrenfeltz the artist behined the great independent comic The Alberic Heresies check out the site.
this weeks pin=up comes from Chris Piers another member of the DC Conspiracy check out his website tabloid cowboy to see more of his art.
this weeks pin-up comes from Scott White yet another member of the DC Conspiracy check out his MySpace page to see more of his art.
This week we have the second Pin-Up given to me by Monica the artist and co-creator of Raised by Squirrels
Some early sketches of the Rombotic army I will return to regular up-dates of the strip in two more weeks.
This week we have a small New Yorker style Pin-Up from Bram the writer and co-creator of Raised by Squirrels As well as an early sketch of a police chief charachter that then was cut from the story but the design evolved into 3-Zar and other robot designs. I'm going to be atemting regular to semi-regular updates next week.
Sorry I thought I could start updating but I am super busy with the DC Counter Culture Festival (check out the DCC website for more info) It will probably be a few more weeks before I can get back on the regular update train. For now you get a preview of future art.
I promise I will be updating soon. Now that the CCF is over things are starting to get back to normal, and soon I'll get all of my projects on schedule.
Sorry that there is no update today.
I give you a sketch and preview art and I promise there will be a new one up next week.
Sorry, no update today a new one will be up shortly.
I'm sorry I missed putting anything up two weeks in a row and I'm sorry this is not a new instalment.

Work, other projects and a family medical emergency have kept me swamped.

The next instalment is in progres and will be up soon.

Enjoy some robot designs for later instalments.
Sorry this is yet again not a new instalment. 

But it is proof that I am working on instalments...

...Just a little slow.

Thank you for waiting
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