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Master Barista Ninja takes a coffee break. It’s a triple shot espresso.

Currently working on a two page Girl Ninja spread for DCC’s book for Free Comic Book Day. Will return with new girl ninja next week. Thanks for hanging in there!

sorry, no new strip yet, it's in the works thought, and i'll have it up asap!
sorry it was so late. There have been a lot of things going on lately, but I'll do a better job of making the deadlines that I set for myself. Please keep reading!
Vol. 31 Dressing Lesson, is in the works, I'll have it up as soo as it's ready.
Thanks for hanging in there!
please leave feedback in comment form.
Vol. 33 now up. Leaving my to complete the last three for this first book. I think I'll have fun with these next few. just call me out if you think I'm jumping the shark.
Vol. 34 Master Ninja Returns
Is here. only two pages left!
The Last Page of Girl Ninja!

Wow, finished! I can hardly believe it myself. It's been a long ride working on this first book of Girl Ninja. What's that you say? First book? Yes, there will be others in the future. I can't leave our hero hanging here, now that Corporate Ninja has made their first appearance. So what's next? The book is going to print. The first edition of Girl Ninja will be sold at the DCC's Counter Culture FestivalIn Arlington, VA January 19th, The book will include all 36 pages of the GN comic as well as lovely fan art, and will hopefully go for $4. Support local art! I need to buy raman! Oh yes, the name of the book will be: Girl Ninja: Enter the Mall.

Hope you stop by to pick up a copy!

Pat Jones (patjones) says: Your drawing style is really elegant!
tjgeezer (tjgeezer) says: Needle Point Foo is pretty impressive but still - does she normally hold Wal-Mart Greeter Foo in reserve for the worst situations?
Chris (chris) says:


Girlninja is such a ditz.

Nice artwork as usual! 

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