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Frequently Asked Questions

So, what's with the name "two egg whites" for your site?   When i was wee, i'd sit and draw at an impossibly sharp-cornered tray table ('70's) a few inches away from the ginormous family black and white on pearl-ish plastic wheels, 'roll-a-way' tv ('60's).  Stacks of scribbles and simon-esque 'drawrings' would pile up under that hissing black and white tube right up to about marlin perkin's chest  or lawrence welk's baton. My mom tunneled into this glacier of shamelessly copied Sgt. Rock and The Born Losers comic pages once and she asked, "Where do you start when you draw your 'characters'?".  "I always do the eyes first, mom." This i'd sigh while white knuckling some circles and and mashing graphite into thick construction paper with my thumb. "Oh," she said.  Further validating my paper-glacier she went on to ask, "Well, how do you draw eyes on a person, then?".  "Elementary my dear mom", a grey thumb juts into the airless galcial drawing chamber, "I start by drawing TWO EGG WHITES!".  Then with an effusive white knuckled flourish i produced a pair of 'eyes' on that scratchy @$$ paper and autographed it for the mom.  She said, "Thanks! my very own sideways number 8!".  We laughed, and 2eggwhites was born.

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