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Vengeance is Mine or "What I Learned About Getting Even"
What happens when the gods get bored? Back at the "home office" Vengeance decides to go on permanent vacation, or as he would say: "like 'Death Takes a Holiday' only awesome and in color."
Last updated: Monday, November 24th, 2008
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a sadistic muse
A young man bereft of inspiration receives a much needed vist from his ever-changing demanding muse. Much to his chagrin her guidance is not quite what he imagined...
Last updated: Tuesday, March 28th, 2006
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Spades is on! Read it free there every Monday!
Last updated: Wednesday, June 6th, 2007
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NIGHTMARE Press is a dream of Diana Cameron McQueen. Currently publishing Spades online (and soon in print), she hopes to find other aspiring horror/suspense/macabre comics out there looking for a home. ... full profile