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A man with no past. Maybe a past, but damned if he can't remember one. Awakened in an alley on a cold lonely city street, he sits with no knowledge of who he is or where he is. He is missing his right eye ... more
Cerrasponda Jones
A girl on the street. Stealing for business and pleasure doesn't automatically make you very good at being a thief. A hard life and stranger parents lead to a very confused child crying out for purpose ... more
The Snake-Guy
Not much is known about our split-headed friend here ... more
Touma Rigo
A secretive man who serves as Cerra's partner. He and Cerra are the only of the four who know for whom they actually work. It is well known that Touma and Cerra despise being in the same room let alone working together ... more
Levi Orchard
The oldest member of Cerra's team, being a self-acknowledged 30 somthing, works "communication" for them. He is wise beyond his years but not heavy with the advice. He was the first of the two recruits (Ethan being the second) ... more
Ethan Madness
One of Cerra's friends of the street. A secretive young man on his good days, and quick to rage on any not so good. He would like people to think he's the baddass of the week, but Cerra treats him as if he were a child ... more
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NIGHTMARE Press is a dream of Diana Cameron McQueen. Currently publishing Spades online (and soon in print), she hopes to find other aspiring horror/suspense/macabre comics out there looking for a home. ... full profile