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I am a Minneapolis native, 30 years old, currently a senior at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design. My life in comics began in Fall 2007, when fate led me to the Comic Art I class (as an elective). I soon grew infatuated with the medium, finding it to the be the ideal melding of images and storytelling.

 As I delve deeper into comics, my style constantly evolves. In the past few years, I have tried to experiement as much as possible, pushing my personal boundaries as far as I can. Because of my late arrival to the form, I neglect to follow certain "rules" of the mainstream. Many of my comics are unorthodox; some even led my classmates to great debate as to whether or not they actually ARE comics!

 My goal is eventual publication of my own comic-based and literary works. Also, I am intrigued by the idea of writing for other artists - I was, after all, a writer before I ever drew a comic!

 Please contact me with any suggestions or ideas!