'When Jesus said to love your enemies he probably meant don't kill them'
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Dean Rankine received a 'silver' and 'bronze' in the inaugural Ledger Awards to 'recognise excellence in the Australian Comic Arts Industry. His comics have appeared in a number of magazines including; KidZone, Explore, Venue and Mania (Australia), Kids Alive (United Kingdom), The War Cry (New Zealand), Priority (United States), Sorthvit (Norway) and TFL (South Africa). He's illustrated books for Ashton Scholastic, Acorn Press & the Victorian Foundation for the Victims of Torture and Trauma. And contributed to a number of comic anthologies - Snack Bar Comics, Dreams of Tomorrow, Eat Comics, Operation Funnybone and Pirates (Australia), Mococo and Gorgonzola (France), Kompastuski (Finland), Megazeen, the International Christian Comics Competition Anthology 2005, Weird Illustrated (USA). Dean lives in Australia with his wife, two kids, two dogs, five chickens and a vegie patch.. He likes Indian food, watching kung-fu movies and feels kind of funny talking about himself in the third person. He can be contacted via email at - deanrankine@gmail.com

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