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Sally "Foxy" Twain

Height: 5,7Age: 19 years oldHair: blackEyes: black/Dark blue

Foxy the Pilot
Here's our little emo pilot! Yes, he is not very talkative and yes he is not very sharp - even though his name might seem to hint otherwise.He is Cat's best friend and buddy, he can be mischievous without realizing it and he is hypochondriac! That brings him to worry about things and people and sometimes his conversation is about health... Touching things that could be covered in germs can be alarming to him so he double check: do I really have to? - to see if he can avoid it.Of course that and being on a pirate ship don't go well together hahahaha so he vexes Cat to be sure the ship is always clean and neat - else he might go nuts.
Gloomy and concerned about everything, he still manages to be around his shiny, positive friends in a calm way... which doesn't mean, though, that he can handle everything with no stress at all! Back to the Cast Page
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