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Westley Fynn

The surgeon
Yes, our doctor is pretty young but, what can I say?, old times were old times, and one would grew up faster back then. Doctors could be pretty young too. In his case, maybe, he didn't finish his apprenticeship with his teacher and took the way of the sea to escape from... something.
Young as he is, coming in contact with other cultures, he has learned many different ways of taking care of his friends, aside from the traditional surgeon way.He's tall and skinny like a sharp blade, his tongue is sharp too. Being the doctor, and what a nasty job that can be, he usually never participate in piratesque's actions.He takes his job seriously and everything else... not so seriously. That can cause the people to think that he is not reliable.He likes healthy, chubby girls with a good spirit and good appetite.His prince-like manners always shine through even though he can have a bad attitude, at times. Back to the Cast Page
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