Despite the Clouds

Daily, except when I'm riding sea turtles home.

For some reason we're friends still.... 

One day I will invite every person I've ever met to a beach and we will have a bonfire and s'mores and we will talk about our lives and after the sun goes down we will take our MP3 players and our CDs and put on our headphones and put on our favorite songs and we will dance in silence.

You guys get such a big update today. 

It proves I have been doing absolutely nothing else. 

Yeah. Listening. It's for the masses. Too bad we never comprehend. 
He really does. Seriously. I feel I should make a video of it and show people.

Happy Birthday Jacob!

I don't have the money for Hellboy II and I haven't made you a stuffed octopus.

So you get a doodle about me being a nutter and a picture of a stuffed octopus. 

...and it was terrifying.

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John Woods (nofaithnecessary) says: I READ IT!
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