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Captain Saucer had it's roots going back to a Star Trek fan parody that I did as a junior in high school, called Star Truck. This then idea sprawled out into an impossible pipe dream of an animated feature of SF, cartoon, and UFO parodies called "Cyclopses", which had other segments like "Captain Space", "Nelson A. Jessup and the  Studebakers of the Gods", and "Captain Maynard of the Universe and Other Various Adjacent Places and Crew". When it belatedly sunk in about how impossible this thing would be to do for a nobody isolated in Soldier, Iowa with no connections, it got telescoped down to something doable, a comic book to be called Captain Space.

As a note: Star Truck must be a fairly obvious title for a Star Trek parody. It since wholly independently (as far as I know) popped for Skip Williamson, a California Raisins TV special, and an episode of Animaniacs. And those are just the ones I know about.

Also "Cyclopes" was a funky deliberate misspelling of cyclopes, the proper, if irregular, plural. Seen in a surviving rough sketch of the logo.

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