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Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Some sketches from "Cyclopses" blurring over to Captain Space/Saucer from '79 to '82.

I almost consider a lot of what I did from '79 to '91 as nearly "belated juvenilia". The lack of real art and writing training in my formative years shows and hurts. There was only token art training in a high school district that was in its early death throes and ended up going through dissolution a few years later. Plus there was a lack of community creative support in the rural community because "it ain't spelling, it ain't sports, it ain't 4H, and it ain't normal...."

There are a couple of early ideas here that I should have ran with but didn't. One is a size-inverted Darth Vader parody that predated Space Balls (although one could argue that's one obvious direction to spoof it). The other is The Berk and the Bast in a Doctor Who parody with a time traveling refrigerater. 

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