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This sample is the furthest that any surviving pages from the aborted 1981 attempt at doing a Captain SPace/Saucer comic book ever got.

Twinkles was a dragon in those days. He's also named after the giant kitty in the "Kitten Kong" episode of The Goodies. I went for some obscure in-jokes even in those days.

I wish that I wasn't such a lamer in the art in those days. That understanding that being the "artist" of the East Monona class of '79 didn't necessarily mean proficiency. Just that I drew and scribbled and sketched more than the other kids in class.

I wish that I could send a postcard to my younger self at the beginning of summer of '75, '74, and '73 with the note to not fret about "The Feirds", "Star Trek", "Cyclopses", and their ilk. You're just a "stupid teen" and circumstance won't let you do anything with them. Just practice drawing people in the pictures in magazines and newspapers until you get more naturalistic about it to compensate for circumstance never working out to take that life drawing class.. And also get some real pens and brushes and work up some good inking styles.

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