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There were five issues of Captain Saucer that were printed in the “First Series” in the spring and summer of 1982. After I made contact with  Terry Beatty, Clay Gerdes, Matt Feazell, and the Small Press Comics community at the end of summer, I rebooted the series. This is sort of the 1982 'zine version of redrawing the early part of a Web Comic archive.

These early issues have even rougher art. On the other hand, Gary Panter liked this early rougher stuff better. In a series that was a little too immune to polish. Twinkles was a dragon, as in “Dungeons &” in this version. The second issue had an attempt at a wrap around cover, inspired by Heavy Metal magazine. As done by somebody who wasn't close to the accomplishment to pull it off. The third issue had a killer car plot that parodied the obscure movie The Car, years before Futurama did it. That and having a “cyclop babe”, makes me wonder if Gary Panter ever showed these to Matt Groening. 

I'm going to skip over these and start rerunning with the First Issue of the "Second Series" next week.

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