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In the name of orneriness, a splash page that has nothing to do with the rest of the comic. Then embellished with Star Wars and Rocky Horror Picture Show references. Even better with the personal injoke of a ’60 Galaxie, which isn’t even popular with Ford enthusiasts. However I like ‘em.

In the summer of ’77, my cousin glommed onto an old ’60 Galaxie that even a more distant relative left abandoned in a gulley. So him and I towed the carcass over to his house. He dropped in a battery and I cleaned and adjusted the points and fiddled around primed the carburetor until it ran. Once running, ol’ cousin torched the car down to sort of a dune buggy of almost the minimal cowl and frame. It was good for a few weeks of thrills, chills, and spills until it was totaled spilling into a road ditch. It’s a miracle that a lot of us survived our teens.

Also a Bastification of the Bauhaus logo and a dedication to Terry Beatty, Maybe for getting me in contact with some Small Press people. Or maybe just for talking to pathetically lonely me….

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