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That car was influenced by the Kaisers and Chryslers of the '50s. My Grandpa Skow (the Allis-Chalmers dealer) owned a series of the more luxarious Kaisers back before I was born.

Also notice that, through the immediacy of Small Press, here's some early Blade Runner influence, just weeks after the movie came out. This was back when the movie had a spotty original reputation among fandom. In those days, Fandom and Prodom were dominated by a rear guard of "Frodo lives" older Boomers, reactionaries who patted themselves on the backs for being progressive, "why would anybody be so unmellow as to make a New Wave Movie about Punk Androids...." Blade Runner has since been vindicated by those VHS and DVD and Director's Cut rereleases. 

Just think I missed an opportunity to go Cyber Punk before it was called Cyber Punk because I decided to chase that Google retro thing instead.

Sometimes I wonder if that Zipatone ever wished that it could have been used by somebody more professional?

Although, these last few pages have had the screens recreated because the originals are gone and the reproductions look like mud.

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