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This is the alternate Inside Back Cover from some of the later reprintings of Captain Saucer #1. Although this strip could have possibly started life as a one pager. This type of Small Press Comic could have press runs from 12 to 30 copies, with a reprinting also being in that range. The joys of being in '80s Small Press Comics.....

On the other hand, my webcomics here have a statistical readership of 29.8787. The more things change....

This strip is also showing a little annoyance at the early '80s resurgence of boring old Country Music and its symbolic connection with the political turn to the Right.

Plus I'm showing support and affinity to New Wave, Punk, and their Alt ilk which were just so conveniently commercially ignored at the time. Much like Small Pressers with prints runs of two dozen.

Finally, here's another in-jokey appearance of Wilfred P. Feird from the time he was an old character without being in the official cast of a running comic.

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