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Here is an alternate inside cover from the later reprintings of Captain Saucer #2. As sort of a Punk/Dada/Nihilist/Poseur/Wannabe thingie, I recycled an anomalous uncopyrighted cartoon that came with a set of timing gears that I bought from J.C. Whitney. It's authentic nifty '50s retro kitsch. Plus the advice given works slick, not only on my timing gears but on a cousin's a few years down the road.

The fun continues with a visual pun that bastardizes and Bastifies the Bauhaus logo, at a time when their reputation was undeservedly low from Tom Wolf and those Post Modern Yuppies. Jonathan Ives thinking different has somewhat cured that.

Also my old Ames address in an apartment in a building that no longer exists. I was floundering through Iowa State's art program, partially because I was a little too inexperienced to realize that Iowa State and art program is an oxymoron. And it just gets better to a blood boiling rant about Moo U. after that....

BTW, I have seen two news items today about whether higher education in the USA is broken.

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