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“B.O.F” means “Boring Old Fart”, cribbed from what Punks and New Wavers thought about what is now called a “Classic Rocker”.

Communism had cred with the Counter Culture. Don’t ask me why. Even with some of the B.O.F. Counter Culture holdouts of ’82. Outside the ones who kept the Spirit of the ‘60s alive by voting their credit cards for Reagan.


The Reagan-era exaggerated religious patriotism gets lampooned here with senile old symbolic Reagan surrogate Struldburg. And then gets pushed out even farther with a Family Guy-style cutaway , before those McFarlane follies, back when  it was jarring and digressive.


I need to do a pin-up of God&Son for the proposed Tube Punk book. Or if I ever learn to paint, do a big “Low Brow Art” portrait of them.

The last panel of this page would be halfway awesome if it wasn’t rendered in such a quick and dirty way,

If I knew pacing, instead of ad-libbing these old stories, it would have been the first panel of an even numbered page if not an even numbered splash page.

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